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Anyone Can Be A Great Shooter... With Help

In high school, I was a 50% 3-point shooter & Top 5 in the DFW Metroplex in 3-pointers made. However, I had mechanical flaws that nobody had ever explained to me (or knew enough about to explain). A few years into college, they caught up to me and I shot 20%, a devastating year in which I found myself on the bench for most of the season. Following this, I set out to learn everything I possibly could about shooting and developed a deep understanding of what makes a world-class shooter. I corrected the flaws in my own shot, and my final year of college I was able to lead the nation in Points Per Possession as a D1 walk-on, shooting 57% from 3-point range.

I’m now excited to share my knowledge and understanding of shooting with the next generation of players. Similar to a golf swing, shooting can feel like an uncontrollable enigma: shooting should make sense to every player. My goal is for each and every player in Shooters HQ to own and understand their shot & become the best shooter they know.

At Shooters HQ, we take a progressive, ground-up approach to learn shooting in a way that you will understand for the rest of your life. Whether in 4th grade or a 4-year college player, we can help you become a better shooter.

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-Justin Lovvorn

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Simplicity Is The Ultimate Form of Sophistication

From the time we pick up a basketball, we start moving a certain way. Some are naturally gifted and move extremely well with and without the basketball. Others, however, move poorly and find themselves at the back of the pack. Players move through the ranks from youth basketball all the way up to college, and along the way, most "coaches" and even "trainers" set their main focus and priority in sifting through the mix to find the best players. Few players are really taught how to play or move correctly. Sadly, there are a lot of coaches and trainers that fall into two categories: those who do not know (or know how to teach) and those who make things way too complex. 

To put it simply: When players understand how to move correctly with the ball, shoot correctly, and make good decisions, they can get better. Average players can close the talent gap and good players can separate themselves even more. At Shooters HQ, we know the game of basketball deeply, and we know how to teach and help you become a better shooter and a better player.

Shooting is an art and a science. There are many factors at play (physics, biomechanics, brain-body connection, confidence, flow) and we understand and break down all of these, but our goal is not to make players understand all of these. The goal of Shooters HQ is for us to handle that and for players to understand shooting in a simple way and become skilled, confident players for the rest of their career.

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