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When is it too late to change a shot?

Short Answer: Never

This might just seem like a selling point for shooting instruction that you don’t agree with. But it is truly a shame to see how many players hit a point in their career when they feel like they’re in too deep to make changes. It’s a trap that countless players fall into…

To be clear: There is no age or level in which it is too late to change or improve a jump shot. There is a stigma at the college and professional level that even occurs in high school - coaches and players think that a shot is somehow a static, unchangeable ability. If we look at the bigger picture, this doesn’t make much sense.

There are 6.2 MILLION new golfers each year. This includes beginners and those who are starting to play again. I would argue that mastering a golf swing is as strenuous, if not more strenuous to mechanically master than shooting... Yet, at all costs, we try to avoid adjusting shooting form or “thinking” when shooting. Both these ideas are misguided.

The earlier age/point in their career a player can establish correct movement patterns and mechanics the better and more beneficial it will be. However, there is no “cap” or age range on the human ability to learn or develop a skill. As we get older, our cognitive ability to adjust and intake information improves, so it’s very possible to go from bad to capable, capable to good, and good to great as a shooter no matter where you are in your career.

What this takes is patience, a willingness to learn & grow, and a grit and work ethic to play the long game... which anyone is capable of!

Justin Lovvorn

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